Easily Slip Into Another World….

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Manhole Cover III - Solo Galura

Manhole Cover II - Solo Galura

Manhole Cover I

Manhole Cover V - Solo Galura

Photography by Solo Galura.

Title from Henry Threadgill.



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Johann Ryno de Wet IIII

Johann Ryno de Wet III

Johann Ryno de Wet.

The Unknown.

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Albulena Panduri III - Dementia


Albulena Panduri IIII - The Forgotten One


Albulena Panduri VI - The Unknown


Albulena Panduri V - Feel The World


Albulena Panduri {blue-a}.

Voids of ___________.

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Nexion III - Void Of Silence VIII


Nexion IIII - Plastination City III


Nexion VI - R.I.N.G.


Nexion VIII - Silent Demise I


Nexion VIIII - Season Of Thought III


Photographer Nexion. Some upper echelon activity.

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