Hilla Shamia.

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Hilla Shamia II

Hilla Shamia I Hilla Shamia III Hilla Shamia IIII Hilla Shamia V Hilla Shamia VI

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Lee Jae-Hyo, Sculptor.

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Lee Jae-Hyo I Lee Jae-Hyo II Lee Jae-Hyo III Lee Jae-Hyo IIII Lee Jae-Hyo V Lee Jae-Hyo VI Lee Jae-Hyo VII Lee Jae-Hyo VIII Lee Jae-Hyo VIIII Lee Jae-Hyo X

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Furniture of Note.

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Maximo Riera Va - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera VII - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera VI - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera I - Walrus Chair


Maximo Riera III - Walrus Chair


Maximo Riera VIIII - Elephant Chair


Maximo Riera X - Whale Chair


Artist Maximo Riera.

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