Where Things Do Or Do Not Occur.

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Nexion II - Twilight Empyrean IV

Nexion II - Twilight Empyrean VII

Photographer Nexion.


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Diatom I

Diatom III


Electron Micrographs of Diatoms.  {via But Does it Float}

Pyrosomes: Unicorns of the sea.

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pyrosomes III

pyrosomes V

pyrosomes IIII

pyrosomes I

Now featuring “gelatinous tunics”.

Read all about them here.

Also of note: the Tardigrade, or “moss piglet”.

Furniture of Note.

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Maximo Riera Va - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera VII - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera VI - Rhino Chair


Maximo Riera I - Walrus Chair


Maximo Riera III - Walrus Chair


Maximo Riera VIIII - Elephant Chair


Maximo Riera X - Whale Chair


Artist Maximo Riera.

Easily Slip Into Another World….

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Manhole Cover III - Solo Galura

Manhole Cover II - Solo Galura

Manhole Cover I

Manhole Cover V - Solo Galura

Photography by Solo Galura.

Title from Henry Threadgill.


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Johann Ryno de Wet IIII

Johann Ryno de Wet III

Johann Ryno de Wet.

The Unknown.

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Albulena Panduri III - Dementia


Albulena Panduri IIII - The Forgotten One


Albulena Panduri VI - The Unknown


Albulena Panduri V - Feel The World


Albulena Panduri {blue-a}.


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